Do I Need Mozilla Maintenance Service

On a few Windows OS, many Users of the Firefox browser detected something fresh in the list of installed programs on their PC. From the Control Panel Programs and Characteristics i was curious Do I Need Mozilla Maintenance Service, under the Mozilla Firefox, it’s an item named Mozilla Maintenance Service — an unidentified app for several users. Before you choose to uninstall it, then you need to know what can it be and what it’s for. In fact, this service enables Mozilla Firefox to install upgrades without your consent. Maintenance support is totally harmless for the machine, and it must just be ignored. But if you would like, you can delete or disable it and it won’t impact the stability of this browser. This guide is going to demonstrate how you can disable or eliminate Mozilla Firefox Maintenance service.

Do I Need Mozilla Maintenance Service

The Way To Remove or disable Mozilla Firefox Maintenance Service
Now when You’ve learned a couple of things about Mozilla Maintenance support, it is possible to disable this service, which is sometimes completed in the Firefox browser.

Establish the browser. Open the Menu at the top right corner of the program window. Select “Options” from the drop-down menu. Open the”Advanced” section and choose the tab”Update”. Next, you have to assess mark from the’Use a desktop service to install upgrades”.

If You Would like to Uninstall the Maintenance support, you may use the normal Windows features, visit the proper part of the Control Panel.

I am using a Right mouse button grip on”Start” and open”Control Panel.” Proceed to the “Programs and Characteristics” section. Find the “Mozilla Maintenance Service” program on the list and eliminate it by clicking on”Uninstall” together with the right-click.

Important! The Application will appear in the list of installed software when you reinstall Firefox, and you’ll have to remove it.

This is The way it is simple to eliminate this program powered by Mozilla. Again, its Presence won’t cause harm to the operating system, and eliminating or Assessing the support won’t influence the stability of their browser.