Frequently Asked Questions

We are an online fitness program designed to bring fitness and well-being to you in the comfort of your homes. One of our key differentiators compared to other online training programs is that our wellness coach will guide you at every step during the Kefi fitness sessions. This means that you get real time feedback on how you are executing the various exercise form. In addition, the core element of Kefi is to have fun while exercising so we have gamified the entire fitness experience at Kefi, during the sessions and at all other times. This gamification will motivate you to push yourself to do well in order to earn more Kefi points. Kefi points can be used to redeem some really cool stuff on our platform.

Our wellness coach will walk you through a fusion of yoga, boot-camp, circuit training, Aerobics, interval training, strength training, and a whole lot more

Please use our contact us page to get in touch with us and let us know what timings work for you. We will try our best to accommodate your request as we come up with new batches.

No. Kefi does not require you to make any purchases on equipment / apparels for its session. Please visit our Program’s page to check out the perquisites for our course. All of the prerequisites are commonly available in every household.

No. You don’t need any prior knowledge. Our wellness coach will guide you through the sessions and ensure you are able to pick up the training routines easily.

We strongly advise you to discuss any prior health ailments with our wellness coach before joining the session. If required, our coach might also recommend you to consult a doctor before starting the sessions.

No. We do not guarantee any results. Our coach is only responsible for guiding you through the various fitness routines.

Kefi uses Google Meet as a medium to run its sessions. The link to your session will be available in your account homepage. (sign in required)

Yes, we recommend you log into the video conference session via the link in your account page. Your attendance is marked automatically when you click on the link from your account. Please note you get Kefi points for higher attendance.

In order to make it easy for our customers who have more than one family member joining the Kefi family, we have pro – rated the first instalment of the fees. This ensures that the household’s payment can be synchronized and a single payment can be made for all family members at the start of the new month.

Yes. There is no lock-in at Kefi. We advise you to unregister before the start of the new month. If you unregister in the month for which you have already paid the fees, then you can continue to enjoy the benefits of Kefi for that month. At the end of the month your account will be de-activated.

No, we do not do refunds.

We have gamified your entire fitness experience at Kefi. You can earn Kefi points on completing various tasks, challenges. These points can be redeemed for some cool merchandise on our platform. Since the cost of the merchandise varies across the different countries, the fees varies as well.

We respect your right to privacy and do not collect any personal information without your permission. We do not sell or market data to any third party. At our website you may use the ‘Contact us’ or ‘Join Now’ options where you will share details like e-mail IDs, phone numbers, etc. By choosing to participate, you will be providing us with some personal information relating to you. This information will strictly be used by this site for the purposes for which it was provided by you.