Samsung Galaxy S7 Not Reading SD Card

Samsung has Attracted the Alternative for expandable storage using their Galaxy S7 device, and this is among the reasons why many likely to get this collection. But some users began reporting they are facing issues with the microSD card within their Galaxy S7 device as Samsung Galaxy S7 Not Reading SD Card. Samsung S7 SD card problems like not able to move programs to SD card, regular popping up of telling, not able to delete anything from SD are typical. Nonetheless, this isn’t a very significant issue and can be fixed easily. The prospective fixes for this are recorded here.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Not Reading SD Card

Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S7 SD card issues

Method 1: Update your device

First, Reboot your device as it could solve any type of issue from the phone. To reboot the device, press down the Volume down along with electricity key collectively for 7-10 minutes and the phone will turn off, reboot and vibrate. When the restarting is finished, check whether the microSD card is functioning today.

samsung galaxy s7 not reading sd card

Method 2: Check if the SD card has been mounted correctly

Next thing Is to assess whether the SD card has been mounted correctly. To check this:

  1. Tap on The program’s icon from the home screen of your device
  2. There Look for’My files’ and press it to start that
  3. Look For the alternative device storage beneath local storage that’s the inner storage and SD card
  4. Tap on SD card and if you’re in a position to see it, then the SD card has been mounted correctly. However, if you can not see the SD card, then pull it out and then re-insert it correctly.

Method 3: Format the SD card

Samsung S7 SD Card problems may also be solved easily by simply going through a very simple reformatting of this Micro SD card. But formatting will erase all of the files and information from the card thus, it is better if you’ve got a copy of this stuff. To structure SD-card:

  1. Tap on The program’s icon from the Home screen of your device
  2. Next, Press the alternative Settings
  3. Now Scroll down for’Storage’ and then tap SD card
  4. Here You’ll be presented with two choices, Unmount and Format. Pick the Format option.
  5. It will Just take a while to fill out the formatting process and check again when the microSD card issues are solved on your Galaxy S7 device.

Method 4: Assess the SD card at other Device

The Problems with SD card at Galaxy S7 may be a firmware issue or it may be a result of a problem from the SD card. To make sure what’s it, assess the SD card in a different device to find out whether this is functioning correctly. So, switch off the device initially and get rid of the SD card. Add it into your notebook or pc and see whether it’s working there. If so, back up all of the information and format it to test again at the Samsung Galaxy S7 device. However, in the event the SD card acts exactly the exact same way in different devices too, it’s the faulty SD card and you have to swap it.

Method 5: Update the device

Should you Have tried all of the probable solutions but the same issue persists, then proceed for upgrading the device with the most recent firmware available. Particular SD cards provide greater issue compared to other people, and it features Samsung Card too. So, the business has opted to deliver a software upgrade to figure out this issue.

So, all The probable solutions for your micro SD card not functioning issue are cited here. Attempt them one by one and If You’re left with precisely the Exact Same situation till After that, take it into some specialized person for repairing or make it replaced.