Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy and do not collect any personal information without your permission. We do not sell or market data to any third party.

At our website you may use the ‘Contact us’ or ‘Enroll Now’ options where you will share details like e-mail IDs, phone numbers, etc. By choosing to participate, you will be providing us with some personal information relating to you. This information will strictly be used by this site for the purposes for which it was provided by you.

Fees and Refunds

The fees collected during registration will be pro-rated to the number of days remaining in that month.

Fees for subsequent months should be paid by the 5th day of each new month. Failure to do so will lead to temporary suspension of your account.

The fees charged shall be at the sole discretion of Kefi. Clients shall be informed of any changes in the fees structure / amount with sufficient notice period. Decision to continue with the sessions will or deregister will be left to the sole discretion of the clients.

We do not provide refunds.

Health and Safety

Clients are fully responsible for their own well being. Kefi does not guarantee any results in terms of fitness, weight loss, flexibility, improved health, etc. The main role of Kefi during the fitness sessions is to guide clients on the various fitness routines. Kefi and its team shall not be held liable for any injuries or issues (physical, mental or financial) caused to clients during or after the sessions.